Effortlessly transfer files, send important links and share documents.
All end-to-end encrypted.

Image of a phone with open containing various files and links.

Send and share any type of document, file or link

A space flexible enough for every need

Make fast work

Quick speed unlocked for every Space

Progress indicator for upload

Not playing around

But plays well with others

Example of two people sharing
Interface of a Shareup Space
passport or id

Securely transfer private documents

Every item shared in a space is end-to-end encrypted

End-to-end Encryption

All your stuff is privately shared only to the people you trust

Image of a space with a passport document

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Connect design, planning and handoff

Share a space with anyone and gather everything

Get the crew together

Add all the members of your team to a space and get everyone on the same page

A space with animal avatars next to it

Space base

All your files and links in one place

A hill that is made of space cards
video editors

Gather clips and assets for an easy workflow

Quickly move files between devices

Image of a galery of videos in a phone OS
Image of the same videos in a Space
Image of the same video in an editing program

Share and send files & resources

Gather everything your team needs in one place

Row of various images and design files
A second row of various images and design files

Support your entire hiring process

From application to onboarding

In the loop

Spaces provide a straight-forward & easy way to securely transfer documents

Image of a Space containing information about a potential hiring candidates

Team Player

All important onboarding information can be shared with a single link

Image of a Space sharing onboarding documents with that hired person

A dropzone for everything important

Create a space for each meeting, collect all the files and links to discuss

Image of a space with various links and files as well as a Discord server.

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