1. Finding reasons to use software

    Panic does something right, what is it?

  2. How to clean up resources when a Combine publisher is cancelled

    Add an onCancel block to a Combine publisher

  3. Use Tailscale to test websites and apps against a local server

    Even through a cellular connection

  4. Fast way to create an audio description file

    A one-liner that saved the day

  5. Migrating git repos away from a “master” branch without breaking anyone’s local clones

    Going from “master” to “main”

  6. How to work with color and a blue light filter

    A big tool in a small package

  7. How to clamp a number between two values in Swift

    Introducing the Clamp Swift Package for easily limiting a number to a minimum and maximum value

  8. When to make the tradeoff between speed and quality

    Measuring your confidence can help you choose speed vs. quality

  9. Accessing memory inside WebAssembly modules using Swift

    Designing and implementing a Swift wrapper around Wasm3's memory API

  10. How we use npm workspaces

    A quick description of npm 7’s new workspaces in our js monorepo

  11. The Figma Community is changing how designers share

    What does this mean for the future?

  12. Designing and writing a custom, generic Combine Publisher in Swift

    Merge and combine the output of different upstream publishers into a single publisher

  13. The wild speed of esbuild

    How we cut off 90% of our build time

  14. How I find inspiration

    Getting that creative spark can be difficult

  15. Happy New Year from Shareup

    A quick look back, and a peak forward

  16. Calling WebAssembly functions using Swift

    Designing and implementing a Swift wrapper around Wasm3's function-calling API

  17. Generics in TypeScript in JavaScript

    Use an @template comment to describe and check generic function types

  18. What Cooper Black can teach us about software design

    A typographical study

  19. TypeScript in JavaScript using JSDoc comments

    Use comments to describe and check the types of JavaScript without rewriting to TypeScript

  20. Finding silhouettes

    Using basic shapes to differentiate complex designs

  21. Loading WebAssembly modules in Swift

    Designing and initializing a Wasm interpreter in Swift

  22. Keeping a work journal

    Thoughts on documenting work and research daily

  23. 5 quick Sketch tricks

    Things I wish I knew about Sketch when I started using it

  24. Auto Layout using Swift's function builders

    Using Swift's function builders to apply Auto Layout constraints

  25. 5 tips for building an app with 2–3 people

    Keep Things Simple When Building Something New

  26. 3 ways Affinity Designer can make you a faster illustrator

    Tips for speeding up your workflow

  27. Using WebAssembly on iOS

    How to bundle the Wasm3 C library in a Swift package

  28. Writing sophisticated programs targeting Wasm

    How we are writing shared code with WebAssembly

  29. Compiling C to Wasm

    How to use the wasi-sdk to compile a C program to Wasm

  30. Betting on Wasm

    Why we are sharing mission critical code with WebAssembly

  31. Wearing different hats

    Storytelling with illustrations

  32. Encoding and decoding SQLite in Swift

    Storing and fetching model objects using Swift 4's Codable

  33. Creating a single-target, cross-platform framework for iOS and macOS

    Easy code sharing between iOS and macOS

  34. Building a lightweight SQLite wrapper in Swift

    Easy iOS persistence

  35. Powering modern apps with SQLite

    Read about how we are building Shareup

  36. Introducing Shareup

    The beginning of our journey