How I use to collect and share my weekend reading

Every weekend there are a number of online articles, videos, and even PDFs that I want skim, read, or watch when I get a moment. I love that makes it easy to include a link to YouTube, a screen recording or other video file, a link to Wikipedia, and a PDF of an email newsletter – all in the same space.

Screenshot of showing 8 items in a Weekend Reading space

And I use emoji reactions to keep track of which I’ve read and which is still to checkout.

We’ve written before about how everyone at Shareup keeps a shared work journal, and so I’ve started including a link to my Weekend reading space in my Monday journal entry each week.

Sometimes my colleagues scan through the space and find some things they are interested in – what’s great is someone can look if they want, or not if they are not interested. I like async styles of sharing like this that are low stress and unobtrusive 💪

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