How we use for meetings

At the end of each week, the Shareup crew gets together in a call, and we celebrate the ‘wins’ from that week. From code being merged, bugs getting fixed or just solving problems, it is something we all look forward to.

If you want to see how we set that up each week, check out this video:

For each meeting we spin up a quick space to share

In addition to just being a great tool for quickly sharing content in meetings, is a useful here because of how flexible it is. Whether you are sharing links, files or images, can handle it and generate beautiful thumbnails for each item shared. Additionally, with the release of emoji reactions, it makes for quite a fun meeting experience! 🚀

An image of the emoji picker

Reactions are great for ranking or voting on things

As we develop, we are always looking for ways that it can serve more use-cases for our users. If you have ideas on how to make better or if you would like to try, we are rolling out early-access to members of our Substack community. Come by and say hello 👋

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Till next time, happy sharing!