Working without constant distraction: one way we are designing Shareup to help reduce anxiety

I’ve recently read the latest book by Cal Newport, A World Without Email,” and it really resonated with me and our work on Shareup. An important goal for us is to not only make it super quick to collect, share, and organize anything; we believe we can design and organize things so it’s possible to focus on our work without constant distractions.

Also, in the book, Cal notes from a paper describing email overload for managers:

“As the number of these messages increases, the manager becomes more likely to fall back on ‘tactical’ behaviors to maintain a feeling of short-term productivity…”

Later, the book describes how increased communication demands are affecting our health:

“The researchers found that repeated exposure to ‘high information and communication technology demands’ … was associated with ‘suboptimal’ health outcomes.”

We feel Cal’s new book describes a real problem for knowledge workers today. And we think we can do something about it with Shareup. We can provide a better, less anxious way to share with each other and get our work done.

Hide distracting chatter without losing touch

The water cooler is a nice place to visit from time to time. However, it can all-too-often distract us from the thing we really want to put all our attention toward.

With Shareup, we can easily make a place for distracting things, available to glance at and stay up to date when we are taking a break, and then be able to get away from when we are focusing on our work. Everything is there when we want it to be, but not when it would distract us from our work.

Keep everyone in the loop

Sometimes, we are in a situation where some things needs to be shared out to both the engineering and design teams, or something similar. We believe we can make this painless and friction-free. Everyone can always know they have the latest version and updates without having to dig through chat logs or email archives.

Stay as organized as you need

And sometimes a little organization is all we need to help us focus and get into a flow. With Shareup, one can reshare items into many places, which allows one to quickly create a personal space to organize items that might also live inside a larger shared space in their team or organization.

Being able to organize many disparate items into a single space is like having super powers. Important work doesn’t have to be stuck in little silos any longer.

We are super excited to start sharing with all of you very soon

Related aside: The way I personally think about “collaborating through software” is something I’ve recently written about over on my person website. I like to call my idea a digital card catalog service. If you’d like to read more about that, then visit my recent blog post here.

We are super busy working to get our initial version ready for “alpha test users” ASAP. Adam, Anthony, and I cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on and start hearing from you how we can better help you share and work with others.

If you’d like to be an early alpha tester then signup below and we’ll contact you as soon as it’s ready 😎

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